Child Sponsorship

sponsoring a child has been such a wonderful experience for the whole family. It’s really engaged my own children and brought home the reality of life for children their age in poor parts of Malawi” 

Child Sponsor, Changing Lives Malawi

All of the children The William Stewart Foundation supports are living in extreme poverty. They are fed a nutritious and filling meal once a week but some children might go several days without food. They miss school as they have to work for a pittance to try to help their families. Most of the time the children live with either one parent or, more commonly, grandparents.

Sponsoring a child means they will have hope. They know someone cares about them. They have a brighter future. Sponsored children will continue to have access to the feeding programme and will get a monthly food parcel and soap for their family. This isn’t enough for the whole month but will help supplement their diet. We want to give people the helping hand they need but not become totally reliant on food parcels. They would love to be self-sufficient and that is our aim too.

A sponsored child will also have new clothes and a blanket, soap and stationery supplies for school. Once they get to secondary school, their fees will be paid, uniform bought and any other supplies they need.

75 children age under 6 attend our nursery. The nursery runs five times a week and these children are given porridge or other food at each session. There has also been new uniform donated for all the nursery children.

If you would like to get involved, or have more questions, then please do get in touch with us. Sponsorship is £25 per month per child (85p per day) and you can sponsor as an individual, family or two friends can split the cost of sponsoring a child.

You will hear from your sponsored child at least twice a year and you will help a child have a much better future. We have lots of children of all ages needing a sponsor to improve their lives. There are photos on the website and our Facebook page of those in most need of sponsorship or you could ask about sponsoring a particular age group. Together, we can change lives.  (Sarah Black August 2023)

Nine year old Logical and her eleven year old brother, Kumbukani, carried their twin sisters from their home a few kilometres away so they could all receive a hot meal at The Feeding Programme which runs once a week. Their parents are very poor. If we could get even one of these siblings matched with a sponsor, it would mean there would be a monthly food parcel going into their home to supplement their small income.

Notes re sponsoring a child

Sponsorship is £25 per month per child. Please use your sponsored child’s name as the reference when setting up your monthly payment.

You may like to send some gifts to your sponsored child. Please note that this is not a requirement, but something you may like to do. You can send something each time we are sending boxes to go on the container or, you might just want to send gifts once a year. It’s totally up to you. Preloved things are fine but only if they are in very good condition and are appropriate for your sponsored child.

If you are unable to get to the shops or you live at a distance you can liaise with Sarah and she will help you. All parcels and letters must come through us please.

We take boxes to The Bananabox Trust warehouse in Dundee and they book a container when their warehouse is full. It costs £17.50 per box (similar to bananabox size) to send on the container. So, as we are getting bigger, and now have our sponsorship programme up and running, we are going to ask sponsors to pay £17.50 (if they can) for their box of gifts for their sponsored child (or half box etc).  We supply the boxes and will pack your gifts.

You can send things like; flipflops/slides, t-shirts, skirts/shorts/trousers, underwear, jumper, waterproof jacket, woolly hat or baseball cap, wind up torch, candles, soap, books, pads of paper, colouring books, stationery, sewing or knitting supplies, umbrella, toothbrush/toothpaste, small tool kit, bag etc. You can send a sealed bag of sweets with a long sell by date but no chocolate. If you aren’t sure of something then please ask as we are happy to help you. (please note that culturally girls wear skirts or dresses NOT trousers or leggings).

Feel free to enclose a note for your child but please DO NOT put your exact address.

You will hear back from your sponsored child at least twice a year and we hope you enjoy seeing their progress on social media too.

Thank you so much for helping to change your sponsored child’s life. They can now complete their education and have hope for a better future. They also know they are important and that you care about them. We look forward to seeing your child grow and be the best they can be thanks to your support. (Sarah Black August 2023)

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