Fundraising – Past Events

“It was amazing to see the work that the Foundation is doing and quite humbling to see how a little can make such a big difference to children in Malawi. It is fantastic to know that the Foundation can make such a huge change to people’s lives. I was more than happy to help.”

Child Sponsor, Changing Lives

Our wonderful band of supporters have come up with some inspirational ways to raise much needed additional funds for the Foundation. This page highlights these superstars!

Sophie & her mum organised an afternoon tea with friends. Sarah sold her crafts at it and gave a presentation about the work of The Foundation. The money raised went towards building ‘Sophie’s Skills Shed (pictured above)’.

Sarah’s sister, Joanne Byrne, decided to do something positive whilst waiting for cancer treatment. She walked every day in November and raised over £800 for us. (Nov 2020)

Paul Holst and his two sons, Louis 16 and Hugo 10, took on the November challenge too. Either walking, running or rowing every day…but they decided to challenge themselves further and kept going until New Years Eve! Paul also works for Barclays Bank and they matched what was raised, £6,000 in total. (Nov-Dec 2020)

William Stewart (above), before he passed away aged 93, was raising money by cycling on his exercise bike every day the distance from UK to Australia…the money raised was enough to bring clean water to the village of Ibuluma where the Foundation is.

So many kind people have generously given their time and challenged themselves in adventurous ways to raise money; people have raised funds through fun, creative and imaginative events. 

Showers, and sinks (handwashing, food preparation, washing up, and clothes washing) are being built thanks to the commitment and dedication of these supporters – all helping to provide a better future for these children.

There are many people who have given as a one off or support us on a regular basis and we are very grateful to you. We will continue posting photos of new events so please follow us and keep checking up on our latest news.

There are so many different ways you can help us with fundraising – we have a dedicated page for this very topics – please click here for more information!

Thank you to those that have helped before!

Thank you to those that will help in the future!