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The lovely volunteers who cook for the children were delighted with the aprons we sent them.

We took part in a local Christmas Tree Festival to raise awareness for The William Stewart Foundation and the children who it supports.

Making bricks and buildings thanks to all the generous donations we have received.

The Bananabox Trust in Dundee facilitates containers of donated goods going to Malawi. It costs £15 per box to cover the cost of transportation. Any donations towards this would be gratefully received.

We were able to pay for handwashing facilities and soap which was gifted to schools local to The William Stewart Foundation to help during the covid pandemic.

The clean water supply at The Foundation thanks to the many donations that were received.

Just two of the kind people who knit for us; Margaret and Rosemary.

Thanks to their sponsors, these girls are off to school, in their new uniforms. They are delighted they have the chance of education and a better future.

Telinah received a food parcel, soap, a candle and a bible thanks to her sponsor.

During the summer months of 2020 we had a fundraiser to donate Mzuzu Coffee to keyworkers. They were very appreciative and loved the coffee! Fair Trade Scotland is the sole importer of Mzuzu Coffee and you can buy it through them or us. As the coffee farmers grow, roast and grind their coffee it means that the grinding profit remains with them, giving them a fair price. Also ground coffee takes up less space on cargo ships making it a better option for the environment. £2 from each bag of coffee goes to support vulnerable people in the same area of Malawi through The William Stewart Foundation.

A great day! Josephine Nyondo, and her nursery friends, enjoy drinking the fresh, clean water from the new tap for the very first time.

Pregnant ladies used to wash their clothes and themselves in this dirty puddle full of disease. Thankfully, now that the clean water supply has been brought to the village, they and their babies have clean water to wash in.

These lovely canvas bags were donated by Strathblane Primary School.

Some of the elderly people in Ibuluma were given new shoes from the donations we sent.

Julian from ‘Wear a Sports Shirt Day’ charity works hard collecting preloved sports clothes and equipment to send to other children who have none. Julian has kindly sent us several boxes, but this was the first of them. Football kit donated by Dorchester Town Youth Football Club. As you can see the football team in Ibuluma were delighted!

There is a nursery at The William Stewart Foundation for approximately 50 children. The nursery monthly running costs and these uniforms were generously donated by a sponsor. The girls, never having had anything new, didn’t know they were supposed to take the tags off their dresses.

We had a fundraiser one Christmas to buy some goats for the Foundation. The children love having the responsibility of learning how to care for them.

We also raised money for hens and this is another project that the children are involved with which gives them skills for the future.

A desperate mother and three children came to The Foundation looking for help. Levison was able to give them blankets and some clothes. This is a regular occurrence that people are coming to ask for help. Our aim is, once the vulnerable children all have new clothes, that there is a good stock of clothes and blankets in a storeroom so that these can be given out to people in need.

Some of the children involved in the farming project. Various people have sent lots of seeds and we sent gardening trowels that the children use. Timothy proudly shows the money that this lady has just given the Foundation for the vegetables she has purchased.

Photographs from our new flyer showing different projects at the Foundation that we help to support
Tables and chairs have just arrived at Emma’s Rainbow Library…these nursery children have never sat at a table before!
The nursery children have just received the gift of a train set and are working out how to join it together…..lots of learning when they’ve never seen one of these before!
The younger children were given waterproof coats at their Christmas party in preparation for the rainy season. The coats were a generous donation from a supporter.
An extra meal and party hats at the Christmas Party. Members of Strathblane Guild paid for the food at the Party and the hats were courtesy of Julian at Wear A Sports Shirt Day charity.

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