Feeding Programme

“ I’ve been following your charity’s great work and decided I wanted to help a child in need’” 

Child Sponsor, Changing Lives Malawi

“ Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible’” 

Francis of Assisi

The William Stewart Foundation is based in Ibuluma, near Chitipa, in the far North of Malawi. Originally set up to feed the 200 or so orphans and other vulnerable children in and around the village, as well as the elderly, it now supports 500+ children, some of whom walk from 20km away to the centre for their only proper meal of the week.

As The Foundation is so far north, it is the only organisation feeding children of all ages in that area. Some children haven’t eaten for several days. The children are fed at the weekend, originally Saturday and Sunday, but as numbers have grown, it has had to cut that back to just once each weekend. The headteacher at the local school has reported how much better the children’s concentration is now they aren’t starving and that their attendance is better. Indeed, from the last class of 80 children to leave primary school, the 20 children supported by The Foundation in that class came top in the leavers exams above the other 60. Food in their tummies is making a difference. Your donations are helping to change lives.

There have been a few bags of porridge kindly donated by ‘Feed the Children’ for the 75 nursery children only. However, these only last two weeks at a time. Whilst this project is succeeding, as are the other projects we fund for the benefit of the children and the community, the feeding programme is one where we could do with some support due to the sheer number of vulnerable children living rurally in dire circumstances and the continuous costs involved.

Could you set up either a weekly donation of £1 or a monthly donation of £5 to pay for one child to be fed a nourishing meal once a week through our feeding programme – we have a donation page – click on the link to navigate there:


Please complete this form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible. Thanks!

Some of the children having their lunch in the library

Brighton turned up wearing rags and with his hair full of lice. He was helped to shower, given clean clothes and given a nutritious lunch. He told Levison that sometimes he eats once a day, other days he has to look in bushes for a bit of fruit. Life is so hard for these very vulnerable children. Little by little we are supporting the work The Foundation is doing to change their lives for the better.
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