Pretty in Pink

Sarah’s blog 6/4/21

The nursery at the Foundation started because Levison had noticed that the younger children were still coming to the Foundation whilst the older children were at school. They had nowhere to go. I found someone willing to donate to the monthly running costs of the nursery and it was set up for fifty children, three times a week. Levison had asked about the possibility of a uniform.

As my birthday is after Christmas, the January sales are a great time to grab a bargain with birthday money. I happened to find all these lovely pink gingham dresses, in small sizes, at a fraction of the usual price. I was delighted to have got such a good deal. I bought red t-shirts for the boys and all the children were amazed when they were given new clothes for the very first time. However, there were only enough for one for each child. I have been keeping an eye out for a similar bargain this year but unfortunately I think it was a one off.

Levison and I have decided that for the future nursery uniform for boys and girls will be a red t-shirt. They can be given two t-shirts each, enabling their clothes to be washed. So if anyone would like to donate to the nursery uniform we will be collecting plain red t-shirts (either round neck or polo shirts) in sizes 3-4 and 4-5, or if you’d prefer to donate some money, I am happy to buy them. The school clothes sections of some supermarkets have plain red t-shirts. Also these children need new underwear; girls and boys pants ages 3-4 and 4-5. The first picture was last year when they received their new uniforms, the middle two photos were last week and the last photo was today where each child was given a bar of soap to take home to help their family wash themselves and their clothes. thanks for reading. Sarah x

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