What does extreme poverty mean?

Sarah’s blog 11/4/21

In 1943 Abraham Maslow developed his theory of hierarchy of needs. Whilst there are many other theorists, this diagram perfectly demonstrates how we cannot reach our potential if our basic needs are not being met.

The children supported by the Foundation are starting to achieve as we (the charity) are doing our best to meet their basic needs by raising funds, finding sponsors and raising awareness of their plight. We cannot comprehend what it must be like not to eat every day, be cold at night, to be wearing rags, not to feel safe. However, we can try our best to be the helping hand they need to improve their situation. Eventually, we and they want to aim for self-sufficiency but basic needs have to be met first.

Without food, clean water, sleep, clothes, shelter etc they cannot begin to think past their basic needs. If you are hungry can you concentrate? Do you have energy? If you are cold and don’t feel safe can you sleep? If you are wearing dirty, old clothes will your self-esteem be good? How would your mental health be if this was your life? All of the children that the Foundation supports have been affected by trauma and adverse childhood experiences. All have experienced loss.

With your help we can continue to improve the lives of these children. Fifty two children now have sponsors but many, many more are desperate for help. Each sponsored child receives; a monthly food parcel, soap, new clothes, a blanket, continued access to the feeding programme and education. We can’t do this by ourselves. Here, at the charity, we recognise how important teamwork is. We can’t do this alone. Can you join us in being part of the team around one of the children who needs a sponsor? It might be one of the most important things you ever do. Bit by bit, one by one, we are #changinglives

Thanks for reading, Sarah x

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

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