200 pairs of football boots (and some football strips)

Sarah’s blog 9/10/21

Lachie Quade is football mad. As he was growing, so was his collection of football boots. His mum, Kate, made contact with Boots2africa who put them in contact with us. Approximately 200 pairs of football boots and trainers had been collected by Lachie and his parents after they put a shout out, plus football strips too. As you can see from the photo, all the trainers and football boots were cleaned before coming to us. We boxed them all up and took them to The Bananabox Trust in Dundee to await their next container. The boxes have just arrived and this morning Levison and some of his team started unpacking them. They cannot believe how generous people have been and what lovely boots have arrived of all different colours and sizes.

On a previous container, some football strips arrived, courtesy of Julian at Wear a Sports Shirt Day who collects preloved strips from different clubs most weekends. The children and young people love having proper football strips but up until now there weren’t enough football boots and trainers for a whole team.

We look forward to seeing photos in the coming days of the children’s smiling faces as they see the wonderful gifts they have been sent. They know that people care about them. Thank you Lachie for caring about these young footballers in Northern Malawi. You have made a big difference.

The first lot of boxes unpacked at The Foundation. Everyone is delighted.

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