Can you spare £5?

Sarah’s blog 4/1/22

As you will have seen from previous posts, I’m trying to think ahead and find ways of increasing awareness and fundraising for the work Levison is doing, along with his team, at The Foundation in rural northern Malawi. Approximately 800 orphans and vulnerable children and young people receive support through various projects, with on average 500 receiving their one substantial, nutritious meal of the week through the feeding programme.

It costs approximately £100 to feed 500 children each time….a tiny amount of money for a big plate of food…but when 500 children are being fed then the cost soon escalates. One meal a week isn’t enough but that’s all we can afford and there are no big agencies feeding children in this area, so malnourished children are walking from as far as 20km away to receive food.

I’ve been trying to think how to raise money to support the feeding programme happening more often. I’m hoping that people might help with this and if lots of us commit to a little bit every month then, together, we can make a big difference.

Teachers have noticed a difference in these most vulnerable children already from eating one good meal a week. They are able to concentrate more and their grades have improved. Imagine if we could feed them more than this? Imagine if malnutrition was a thing of the past?

Please can you commit to £5 per month to help? If we can get 100 people donating just £5 per month then that’s an extra £500 to feed the children each month. For most of us, £5 a month won’t be missed. It just needs that initial decision that you would like to help these children have a better future. To banish malnutrition. To know you are helping them concentrate at school. You will be helping them and future generations. Food and education are essential. We take no admin fees and are volunteers, so every penny you invest in these children goes to Malawi. Many of us aren’t going out as much as we used to because of the covid situation…so does that mean you might be able to spare £5 to help these hundreds of children have two nutritious meals a week instead of just one?

Let’s start 2022 by making a positive decision. If we all act on that decision and commit £5 it will be really interesting to see the difference we will have all made by the end of the year. Message or email me to be part of the team that changes lives in Malawi this year. Together we are Changing Lives Malawi. Thanks for reading, now let’s act. Sarah x

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