A family – homeless & in need of help

Sarah’s blog 20/02/22

I know I’m always asking for help and support. I’m sorry… but there are so many people who are in real need and we are trying to support Levison and his team to help them out of their dire situation.

A mother, twice widowed, and her three children are homeless. The roof of their mud home has blown off in the wind and rain. Levison visited them and was able to help them find temporary accommodation. The house belongs to someone else and really doesn’t look much better than their previous home.

They are being given blankets and clothes and some food but what I am asking of you, our supporters, please is that we get at least two of these three children sponsored so they have regular food and support going into their home. The children, especially Angela, are showing signs of malnutrition. They will know someone cares about them and it will make their lives a little bit better. It costs £25 to sponsor a child. An individual can sponsor a child, or two friends can share the cost, or a family or a business. This family is desperate and I really want to help them. As I always say, it’s teamwork. We cannot help The Foundation to do what they do without help from our wonderful supporters.

Ideally, we would like to be able to rebuild or repair houses but, unfortunately, we don’t have money for that. Maybe that’s something we can look at doing in the future. Climate change isn’t going to be kind to these homes. As you can see we have a great deal to do!

So if you can find it in your heart to sponsor Moses, Blessings or little Angela then please get in touch. contact_us@changinglivesmalawi.com If you can’t sponsor then please, please share our posts so that we do reach more potential sponsors. Together we can continue Changing Lives Malawi. Thanks for reading, Sarah x

The family’s house where the roof has been destroyed by wind and rain
This is their temporary accommodation, owned by someone else, and unfortunately the roof doesn’t look much better
Moses needs new clothes, food and a blanket
Blessings desperately needs clothes, food and a blanket
Angela is showing signs of malnutrition she needs clothes, food and a blanket

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