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Sarah’s blog 17/3/22

It’s been an extremely busy time at The Foundation. As so many boxes were sent, they have been opened gradually and there are still more to open.

Today Levison sent me photos of donations from Julian Chenery whose charity is ‘Wear a Sports Shirt Day’. Julian is always very generous to The Foundation (he had supplied the Christmas hats and jumpers as well as previous donations of sports kit). These are some of the lovely sports kit that was in one box Levison opened today. Thank you Julian and to all the people who donate to you. We are very grateful for the difference you are making.

Julian spends almost every weekend going to football matches and other sporting events and collecting used kit to send on to lots of different organisations. Some donations he gives to groups like refugees or other people in need in England, and other donations go to lots of organisations like The Foundation working with vulnerable communities in other countries.

I love that there are so many helping each other to help the children and Julian is one of those people who does a great job. Thank you Julian at Wear a Sports Shirt Day! Thanks for reading, Sarah x

Some of the donations of sports kit that Julian sent to The Foundation

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