World Water Day 22nd March

Sarah’s blog 22/3/22

On this day every year the focus is on how many people around the world do not have access to clean drinking water. It also highlights how people in the poorest countries of the world are the most affected by too little water or too much.

We are trying to combat flooding in the far north of Malawi, where The Foundation is, by raising money for trees to be planted. This will help with protecting the crops from being washed away by heavy rains. By buying fruit tree saplings it is creating a future, sustainable food source as well as employment and a source of income for The Foundation and villagers. Eco stoves are being made for the villagers. These use far less wood than an open fire and retain more heat so less trees will be cut down for fuel. They are also much safer for the villagers to cook on, especially if young children are around. If you would like to buy 4 fruit tree saplings for £10 then email to plant a sustainable future for people and planet.

I thought today was the perfect opportunity to reflect on how fortunate those of us are who have clean drinking water on tap, which we take for granted. Also it’s an opportunity to show people who have started following us recently some photos of the changes that have happened in Ibuluma thanks to lots of generous people and fundraising. Hope you enjoy looking at the photos and thank you again for supporting us to continue Changing Lives Malawi, Sarah x

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