Fundraising – The Kiltwalk

Sarah’s blog 28/3/22

So here’s a reminder that The Kiltwalk is coming up. There are different distances to walk, different locations and dates and even a virtual one. The Hunter Foundation adds 50% onto the total raised. We are one of the registered charities and this could be a big fundraiser for us. The more people who get involved, the more money is raised and the more we can send to Malawi. Please can you and your friends walk for Changing Lives Malawi? Could a couple of families do the Wee Wander? We will help with sharing posts and getting more sponsors for you if you walk for Changing Lives Malawi. Can you help us help the vulnerable children in Northern Malawi? You can register on the Kiltwalk website and make sure you register for our charity. Then let us know and we will start helping you to get sponsors. thanks so much, Sarah x

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