Three Things to Celebrate!

Sarah’s blog 19/4/22

Three bits of good news to share with you. Levison and his wife Jane have two children. Their youngest, William, was two on Sunday. Levison has sent a photo of him and he has grown so much! Happy 2nd birthday William!

Levison’s son William is 2

The next piece of news is that Levison himself has a birthday today. Happy birthday Levison! He is so hard working and hundreds of the most vulnerable children and adults in his community are benefiting from his vision and tireless work to ensure that these people now have hope for a better future through a variety of projects. When so many are malnourished and things have got so bad, it takes commitment and dedication. Levison is selfless and there aren’t many people who would work as hard as he does, putting the needs of everyone else above his own. Well done Levison and many happy returns.

Happy Birthday to Levison

The third bit of good news is that our website has had over 10,000 views!! It’s been a slow build up but now we are having regular views from all over the world, which is amazing. We need your help please to reach even more people so please consider sharing our posts and telling your friends about the hundreds of malnourished children in northern Malawi who are relying on our help. If you’d like to get involved or donate then please email Thanks for reading and celebrating with us, Sarah x

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