Lucia has a sponsor!

Sarah’s blog 23/4/22

The huge amount of children living in dire poverty, in Ibulumba village and surrounding area, and needing a helping hand is difficult to comprehend. There are approximately 800 children and young people being supported through various projects. They are either orphans being looked after by extended family or their families are extremely poor. None of these 800 children eat properly every day. All are malnourished. However, today is a good day for one girl, Lucia.

This was Lucia with her older brother Rodrick in October on a day when donated clothes were being given out. Can you see the rags they wore before being given lovely new clothes? Can you see their big tummies? Their tummies show that they are suffering from malnutrition and their eyes are dull and they look tired and sad.

A lady emailed this week asking if she could sponsor a little girl. She will make a huge difference to Lucia’s life. So Lucia now has a lovely sponsor and will receive a monthly food parcel and other gifts. We will bring updates on Lucia, as we do with all the sponsored children. All the sponsored children at secondary school have had recent photos and have written their answers to some questions they were asked. Levison and team are currently working their way round the primary and nursery sponsored children for updates.

Will you be a helping hand to a child like Lucia? Please get in touch It’s only 85p per day to sponsor a child and will probably be the most important gift anyone will ever give them. Rodrick is waiting to be matched with a sponsor too. Will you be Rodrick’s helping hand? Thanks for reading and thank you to all our sponsors who are helping us continue Changing Lives Malawi, Sarah x

Lucia and her brother Rodrick received new clothes and shoes. Lucia now has a sponsor but Rodrick is still waiting for a helping hand.

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