Elias & Adam – mat making (update on Elias Sichoni)

Sarah’s blog 13/5/22

As you saw the other day, children were busy with different activities at The Foundation. One group of children was learning to make mats. They use these mats to sit on and sleep on so they aren’t just lying on the bare floor. Levison has sent me an update today of two boys, very pleased with themselves, having finished their mat. They will make another one next time as one boy will take this one home.

Quite by coincidence, I noticed that one of these boys, Elias Sichoni, is a sponsored child. I looked back at photos of him when we first appealed for a sponsor just over a year ago. The change in Elias is amazing. I am so pleased to see these photos. Yes he is still thin but compared to how he looked previously it’s great to see his progress. Previously, he was in rags and his eyes were lifeless as he was so hungry and malnourished. This is exactly why we do what we do – working hard for these children to change their lives in an holistic way.

I wish everyone could see read my blog, look at these photos and understand that this means so much to see that we have made a difference to Elias. Elias has a chance now at a better life and I am just delighted to see how happy he is. Thanks to his sponsor, and all the other sponsors, we are able to support The Foundation to help these most vulnerable children. If you ever wondered if being a sponsor would make a real difference….just look at these photos. There are lots of other children needing sponsors and it’s only £25 per month to make a difference. Two friends can split the cost making it only £12.50 per month each. contact_us@changinglivesmalawi.com to change a life today. Thanks for reading, Sarah x

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