Photos from Ibuluma

Sarah’s blog 17/05/22

Now the worst of the rains are over, bricks are being made again for the eco stoves. These stoves are being gifted to the community, starting with the most vulnerable people. Eco stoves use less wood for cooking and retain more heat. They are also far safer to cook on than an open fire especially when young children are around. Chancy and Manase are working hard making bricks in the photo and video.

Also there are more photos from the clubs at the weekend and the Feeding Programme. Levison and I have been talking about the possibility of them making products that we can sell here on their behalf, baskets being one of those ideas. It would be a good source of income and secure jobs for a few people if this were able to happen. I’ll bring more photos of baskets as they get more skilled at making them. Enjoy the photos and thanks for supporting the children, Sarah x

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