31 Days in May – Sarah’s Challenge – Day 23

Sarah’s blog 23/5/22

Today has been a better day…no nosebleeds or headaches 🙂

I went out for a drink with two good friends this morning. That’s the first time this month that I have been out to a cafe/restaurant. I had breakfast before I went so I was fine with just having a drink… that was good planning and good willpower and, of course, good company.

Also, I have just been on my exercise bike. I managed to do a 20km cycle today! Really pleased with that although I am wondering if I will be able to move tomorrow. 32 minutes, 20km and 460 calories! Glad I am nearing the end of the challenge but I will try to keep going with the cycling….as long as I am reading a good book on my tablet….otherwise it’s really boring!

So if you think I’m still doing a good job on my challenge to raise funds for a much needed school then please donate https://gofund.me/ca9c1629

Thanks for reading and supporting me and the children, Sarah x

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