Traci & Jackie’s kilometres

Sarah’s blog 8/7/22

Traci and Jackie are two lovely ladies who are working hard collecting kilometres in different ways for us, and are doing brilliantly. Their kilometres, along with the 320 kilometres that the children in Malawi ran last weekend, are almost 5% of our total journey of just over 13,000km.

Traci is aiming to walk 500km over July and August. I think she should get a medal for walking 7km up and down this hill near where she lives. It’s a fantastic photo Traci…you really are on top of the world!

No photos yet of Jackie but we have evidence of two long bike rides she did last weekend. What an amazing effort Jackie…well done!

Now we need more people taking part and registering their kilometres…even if they are just walking the dog or on the golf course! Every little helps as the saying goes! We also need people to sponsor them. Ideally, what we need is £1 per kilometre…..that will bring in £13,000 to build the new school. Can you help?

We really are under pressure to build this desperately needed school as there are currently not enough places for young people in the nearest schools…if you don’t get picked for a place then you don’t go to secondary school. Education is a right for all children. Education is the way these young people will make a better life for themselves and their families. We cannot do this without your help. So please get involved with this challenge. We need folk to get involved, to share posts, to donate money….together we can build a school. Together we will build a school. It takes a team to make a difference. Can you be part of the team for the vulnerable children supported by The Foundation? Can you be part of the team to help build Bright Futures Secondary School? Thanks for reading and supporting, Sarah x

here is the link to get involved and for all the information you need for the challenge :

here is the link to donate:

Brilliant! Traci is on top of the world! She is walking 100km per month as part of our challenge.

Two fantastic cycles from Jackie….very well done!

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