The new S1 class at Bright Futures Secondary School

Sarah’s blog 2/11/22

Levison and I have been making more lists today. Here is the list of the young people who are being invited to start at Bright Futures Secondary School when it opens on Monday 7th November.

These young people are all having the chance of secondary education and a brighter future thanks to everyone who has been supporting us to ensure the first phase of Bright Futures Secondary School was built. None of these young people’s families would have had the funds to send them to the nearest secondary schools. As they are quite far away, the children would have had to board making it even more expensive. Also, there are not enough places for everyone and if you don’t get picked to go to secondary school then you don’t go.

There are fourteen young people who are sponsored, the rest need sponsors. They are all vulnerable and attend The Feeding Programme each weekend and benefit from having new clothes from The Foundation. You are helping us change these children’s lives. Education is a way out of poverty and a brighter future. These children do not have enough to eat. Some do not eat every day. How can they learn properly if they are hungry? We want to be able to feed all the children at Bright Futures Secondary School with lunch every day.

I am asking for more people to join our team to support Bright Futures Secondary School and its students. By sponsoring a vulnerable young person, you are helping to pay for their education and the things they need for school, clothes, a blanket, welfare checks and food. This costs £25 p/m and you can sponsor a child as a single person, a family, a club or business or two friends sharing the cost. Or, for £5 or £10 per month, you can support school lunches at Bright Futures Secondary School. Please email me to let me know how you would like to help

Or you could contribute to desks and school supplies here We always say it’s about teamwork. We need you on our team. The children need you on their team to support them to succeed at Bright Futures Secondary School. Even £5 or £10 commitment a month, with enough people, will make a big difference to the health and wellbeing of these very vulnerable children. We need to do our best to ensure they can be the best they can be, which is what we want for any of our children.

Here is the list of new S1 students at Bright Futures Secondary School;

Mervice Chellah, Chipiliro Chirambo (S), Brenda Kanyika, Monica Kanyika, Eunice Kaonga (S), Emmie Mfungwe, Emmah Mgala, Lyness Mnyenyembe, Lilian Mtambo, Carren Ng’ambi, Mercy Ng’ambi (S), Mirriam Nyirongo (S), Agness Nyondo, Mary Nyondo (S), Astridah Nyondo, Lughano Sibale, Margaret Sibale (S), Efrida Silungwe, Rosemary Silungwe, Alvert Chizumira, Timothy Kaonga (S), Wongani Kaonga, Laston Mbambala (S), Iveen Mbughi, Brian Mnyenyembe (S), Gift Mnyenyembe (S), Mastano Munthali, Julius Ng’ambi, Lameck Ng’ambi, McPherson Ng’ambi, Philimon Ng’ambi, George Nyirenda, Brave Nyondo, Pilirani Nyondo, Lama Sibale (S), Junior Sichamba, Moses Sichilindi, Amos Simphosya (S), Aaron Sinyinza, Mercy Mbale (S), Elisha Ng’ambi (S).

Can you find it in your heart to sponsor one of these vulnerable young people please? Or can you make a monthly commitment to school lunches at Bright Futures Secondary School? I look forward to hearing from you and I’m very grateful for all the support we receive. Thanks for reading, Sarah x

Laston a few months ago asking for a secondary school to be built…. his wish has come true!

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