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Sarah’s blog 26/11/22

Things are going well at Bright Futures Secondary School, and everyone is settling into a routine. An holistic approach is taken to changing the lives of these very vulnerable children. How can they sleep if they are cold? How can they learn if they are tired? How can they learn if they are hungry? How can they be confident individuals if they are wearing rags and old clothes?

We have been supporting The Foundation with all of these issues, through a variety of projects, and we are making a difference to the lives of the children. However, it is really difficult when there are 500+ children requiring support whilst the community works towards self-sufficiency. These children need a brighter future. They deserve a bright future. This is why we need your help.

We sent some secondary school uniform, which had been donated, on the last container and Levison gave this to some of the boys yesterday who look very smart. We will probably need to buy skirts for the girls as generally the skirts that teenage girls like to wear to school where I live are slightly too short for the girls in Malawi. More uniform is on the next container that is due to arrive in the next couple of weeks.

The young people at Bright Futures Secondary School are being provided with a hot, nutritious lunch every day at school. They are also able to access the Feeding Programme once a week so, even though these meals are only once a day, that is 6 days out of the week where they are getting a proper, hot, nutritious meal. Families are so poor that lots of the time, children do not have a proper meal every day. If you would like to support the school lunches at Bright Futures Secondary School with a monthly donation, then please do get in touch

If you are local to where I live in central Scotland and have any teen boys/men’s black trousers, white shirts or blouses, black jumpers or cardigans, and flat men’s/women’s shoes that are in good, clean condition, then we would be very happy if you were able to donate them. We would also welcome any donations of money to cover the cost of sending boxes on the container.

The young people were delighted to be given fleecy blankets to help keep them warm at night. Some of the students had smaller blankets…they have already had a blanket gifted to them, so this was an extra one.

Work will be starting soon on the foundations for classrooms 3 and 4. We are so grateful for all the help we have received but we still need your help with providing more classrooms for next year. It’s been amazing what has been achieved and the amount of money that has been raised within such a short time to provide secondary school education, free of charge, for those who are most in need. Anyone who is able to donate £500 or more, can chose to have a name or business name above one of the classroom doors. to give the gift of education.

The carpenter will start making some desks this week; however, we still need money for desks for the second classroom…approximately £500 is still required to provide desks for everyone in the two classrooms. We also need to provide more textbooks; this will be another £2,000. Thankfully, we did have a grant from The Souter Charitable Trust for £3,000 which purchased a good number of books. Until we have provided enough textbooks, we will keep adding new ones each year when there is money to do so.

So here are photos of some of the students at Bright Futures Secondary School, from yesterday with their new blankets and some with new uniform. I have put the link to yesterday’s post with our fundraising gifts and cards from which all proceeds will go towards Bright Futures Secondary School. Thank you for reading and supporting us to help the children, Sarah x

Christmas Cards & Gifts – Changing Lives Malawi

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