Solar Lamps for Students

Sarah’s blog 21/06/23

Thanks to The Souter Charitable Trust, we had a grant to provide students at Bright Futures Secondary School with individual solar lamps which means they can study and read at home in the evenings. It gets dark at 6pm year round in Malawi and, unless they had money for a candle or a torch, then their home is in darkness from 6pm. In addition to being able to do homework, just think how much someone’s reading could improve by reading a book for pleasure for 30 minutes each evening?

Today, the first group of students received their solar lamps. They were really surprised and delighted to receive these gifts. Each of them signed their name to say they had received a lamp and that they’d look after it.

Some quotes from the students: ‘This will greatly improve our performance as we will be able to study at night.’ ‘I never thought I’d have such a gift.’ ‘Thank you to the donors for considering us.’

A little lamp will help them so much with their studies and knowing that they are being trusted with these gifts helps their self-esteem and lets them know that they are important and people do care about them.

Thank you again to The Souter Charitable Trust and everyone else who helps us support the vulnerable young people in rural Northern Malawi. Thanks for reading, Sarah x

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