Three little birds

Happy, Moreen & Shalon were delighted to be allowed to hold the new chicks

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Further to my post about the 68 chicks that had hatched in the incubator, unfortunately 4 haven’t survived….but that is still leaving 64 chicks so we hope those are all strong enough to survive and grow.

We thought you’d like to see these photos…. three little birds….and also three children holding the three little birds. Happy Chanya (age 9, p2), Moreen Mbale (age 8, p2) and Shalon Ng’ambi (age 6, p1) all enjoyed being the first to hold the new chicks. Happy, Moreen and Shalon all need sponsors if anyone is able to help them please. It’s £25 p/m to sponsor a child which ensures they have clothes and a monthly food parcel in addition to the feeding programme and they also receive welfare checks.

Thanks for supporting us to help hundreds of children like these, Sarah x

68 baby chicks!

More bricks!

Happy, Moreen and Shalon all need a helping hand

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