Sarah’s blog 16/09/22

Levison had asked if it were possible for us to send hair clippers. Usually, hair is cut very short with scissors. Levison thought it would provide a job for someone to be able to offer haircuts, with income being split between the barber and The Foundation.

The clippers had been unpacked and put on charge and the first two haircuts given. Maybe we have a future barber here? Robert Kawonga and Hope Ng’ambi didn’t believe that the clippers would do anything when Levison showed them. However, they were soon enjoying themselves and there will probably be a big queue for haircuts when they tell their friends!

The man that is helping the boys is Tiwonge who is training to be a teacher and helping out whilst on holiday.

Hope you enjoy the photos and videos, Sarah x

big smiles at the barbers!
brilliant smiles from the boys and learning a new skill