A little bit about me

Sarah’s blog 09/07/22

I am a mum (to three boys and a dog). I am a wife. I am a carer. I am an advocate. I care about people. I was very ill and had to give up my job. I am still limited by what I can do.

I have always been passionate about supporting those who don’t have a voice or who aren’t strong enough to stand up for themselves. I support inclusion, equity and equality. I want to empower people to change things for themselves.

Although these are ‘I’ statements about me, none of what I do is about me, although I love what I do. I’m not comfortable writing about myself…it’s far easier to tell other people’s stories. For me, it’s about each child who doesn’t have enough to eat. It’s about the child who is alone. It’s about the children who are missing school because they have to work for a pittance to help their families. It’s about enabling the teenage girls to attend school each day like the boys in their class. A simple Period Poverty Project has enabled a group of girls to make reusable sanitary towels for all who need them. This has given these girls self-confidence and equality at school. They no longer have to hide at home in shame for a week every month missing their lessons just because they are girls. All we did was send some vintage hand turn sewing machines, sewing supplies and fabric. The girls have learned how to use the machines and make the sanitary towels and are now learning to make clothes. They are learning skills for employment and attending school for the same time as the boys.

It’s taken a long time for me to recognise my strengths and to realise that I can use my skills to be part of a team that can help make change happen. I am a great believer that when one door shuts, another one opens and that people come into your life for a reason.

The hundreds of vulnerable children that are supported by The Foundation need us. They need us to support them. Not to take over and do everything for them. They are proud and intelligent people who can think for themselves. They need a helping hand to get back on their feet. All projects aim to support the community to self-sufficiency.

So if I can do a little bit to help Levison and his team to enable their community to have hope for a better future then I am pleased that I can be useful. There are so many orphans, vulnerable children and families struggling and in real poverty that there is a lot to do and Levison is always talking to the children supported by the Foundation, their families and the community about ways he and his team can work with them.

I always say it’s about teamwork, we each have our own set of skills, and we are there to support each other. We need more people on our team whether it’s using your skills, your social media presence, donating money, sponsoring a child, organising a fundraising event or being sponsored. We need you. The children need you. Eventually, they won’t need us…there will be more jobs and more children leaving school having passed their exams and going onto further education meaning brighter futures for them and their families.

here is the link to our fundraiser to build a desperately needed secondary school https://gofund.me/44a92444 and here is the link to read about our challenge and how to get involved https://forms.gle/twQYfx7LRRrtvdhx9

I am looking forward to seeing how this community continues to get back on it’s feet and how their lives continue to change. There is real hope for the future thanks to the teamwork that is changing lives and bringing opportunities. Thank you for reading and please do get in touch if you would like to get involved in Changing Lives Malawi. Thank you to all those who support us, Sarah x contact_us@changinglivesmalawi.com

Ganizani is learning how to use the hand turn sewing machines
Madalitso made a bike out of old scraps he found!
Children in need come to The Foundation where they receive help
Children learning to make baskets
A brilliant home made guitar!
Cooking lessons – cooking the cabbages that they have grown
Children are learning about computers – we cannot afford to pay for internet yet but hopefully one day soon which will open up a whole world of learning for the children
Eco stoves are being made by some of the older boys for the community – safer than an open fire, they use less wood too which helps the planet and retain heat for longer.
Children plant and care for the fruit tree saplings that will provide food for the future
In Emma’s Rainbow Library the children and young people now have a variety of reading material. The boy on the right is reading a book about fairy stories. Levison asked a few of them why they chose the books they were reading. This boy said he was reading it as he wanted to learn how to write stories too! These children have ambition and dreams.