Three young men, a sponsor & a plan (part 2)

Sarah’s blog 8/3/22

I recently told you that three young men; Chancy, Manase and Lameck were making eco stoves for the villagers. Traditionally it’s the women who do the cooking so these eco stoves are making a hard life just a little bit easier for these women. They are delighted with their new stoves that use less wood, retain more heat and are safer to cook on. So on International Women’s Day we are very glad these women have new stoves that also help the environment.

A generous sponsor is paying the wages of these three young men so they are being paid whilst they set up their business and gain in confidence. You will see the difference in Chancy from his previous photo. As well as eco stoves they are going to be making bricks for future buildings. If anyone would like to sponsor a young person to go to school or to start work then please do get in touch Thanks for reading, Sarah x

International Women’s Day

Sarah’s blog 08/03/22

On International Women’s Day I just want to say THANK YOU to the strong women in Northern Malawi who are nurturing the hundreds of orphans and other vulnerable children. At the Foundation, women play an important role. There are women trustees, employees, volunteers, then there are the women bringing up children in poverty, women bringing up children on their own, grandmothers or aunts bringing up children or women fostering children. Thank you all. We see your strength, we see your struggles. We will continue to support you to care for the children you look after and nurture. I hope you enjoy the photos of just some of the hard working women. Thanks for reading, Sarah x

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