31 Days in May Challenge

Sarah’s blog 15/04/21

We all lead busy lives. We are all bombarded by lists of things to do, social media posts and requests for help. We appreciate every single person who has done something to help us get to where we are now with 52 children having sponsors. 52 children with food in their tummies. Thank you so much.

For May, I though I’d try something a bit different. We are operating on a shoestring, fundraising opportunities have not been available during lockdown. There are lots more children who do not eat every day. We are competing with bigger charities for support. We have the personal touch. You know that no one in our very small UK team takes a salary or any expenses.

For the 31 days in May….. could you commit to any of the following;

  1. Sharing one of our social media posts every day of May so we can reach a bigger audience.
  2. Give us £1 a day for 31 days?
  3. Sell 31 things you don’t need and give the proceeds to us?
  4. Do a challenge involving the number 31 and highlight it on social media and tag us in the posts?
  5. Go without a bar of chocolate or a packet of crisps for the month of May and donate the money saved to us?
  6. Could you be sponsored for something involving the number 31 or over 31 days?
  7. There must be loads more ideas that you could think of?

So as you can see, we don’t ask for anything big (unless you want to) but by sharing one of our posts every day for 31 days we will reach a far bigger group of people. Imagine 31 people shared a post each day for 31 days….. that would mean that a whole new audience would read about our work and all the vulnerable children in Northern Malawi supported by The William Stewart Foundation. We have over 500 Facebook followers so, fingers crossed, some will commit to help.

I would be over the moon if 31 more children could be matched with sponsors during May…. a huge ask ….. but it’s possible with enough help and shares. 31 children who would then be able to eat every day. 31 children who would receive new clothes, a blanket, soap and education. We can’t do it by ourselves. We are only one piece of the jigsaw. We need your help and support. Please? Every day, something simple, for the 31 days in May. Together we are #changinglives Thank you, Sarah x

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