The Long Walk ….

Sarah’s blog 18/4/21

Patrick age 8 (primary 1) and Emily age 10 (primary 2) are walking over 17km to the nearest maize mill and then 17km back again, balancing their heavy burdens. The maize is not even theirs. They will have been paid a pittance to get this milled for someone else.

Have they eaten? Have they had a drink? Will they be attacked along the way? They and children like them miss school all the time to try to earn a tiny amount as their family can not afford to feed them. They don’t eat all day. They have a drink of dirty water where they can find one. Children, and women, try not to do this journey alone to lessen the chance of being attacked. Women are sometimes beaten anyway when they get home if their husband thinks they’ve been away too long and accuse them of being with another man. Life is just so hard and unfair.

If The Foundation had it’s own maize mill it would be a source of income, as well as protecting children like Patrick and Emily from attack and burdens too heavy for young children. They would not miss school and would not be so exhausted. Patrick and Emily are looking for sponsors. Can you lighten their burden? Sponsorship is £25 a month to support children like Patrick and Emily stay in school, have food to eat, soap to wash themselves and their clothes, they are given a blanket and clean clothes and an education. They are given a chance. Get in touch if you’d like more information. Together we are #changinglives Thanks for reading, Sarah x

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