Isa’s Orchard

Sarah’s blog 20/04/21

A very personal post for a change. Some of you may have seen this post already. But I wanted to share in case anyone else wanted to contribute on behalf of a loved one.

Stuart’s mum passed away in May, age 89. She had always been interested in hearing about what was going on in Malawi and was proud of what we are achieving and would donate money sometimes towards our charity work. She would have been 90 in November and I had sent money at that time to Levison to buy fruit trees in her memory. Also Stuart and I bought some of our family the gift of some fruit tree saplings for Christmas. We will look forward to seeing the saplings grow and know that it won’t be too long before the trees begin to benefit the whole community when they grow and flourish. So here is Isa’s orchard, in memory of a lovely lady who was very much loved by all her family. Her memory lives on.

If you would like to donate in memory of a loved one who has passed away, or as an environmentally friendly gift for a birthday or other occasion, then you can either contact us by email, or the contact form. Or, on the fundraising page of this website, we have a link to e-cards and e-gifts where you could donate for a special occasion.

Together we are #changing lives Thanks for reading. Sarah x

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