A visit to Chisenga School

Sarah’s blog 27/04/21

Sponsored girls at Chisenga Secondary school. Left to right:
Elvin Nyondo, Paulina Nyondo, Maria Nyondo, Doricah Nyondo, Luness Mtambo, Tamara Mfungwe, Dinales Kabaghe, Tamiwe Nyondo, Milliam Mbale, Bethsheba Ng’ambi, Colletta Kaumba, Eness Sibale, Jean Kaonga & Daphless Msongole.

Levison was over near Chisenga School today and was allowed to see the sponsored girls for a few minutes and take some photos. Don’t they look smart in their school uniform? Thanks to their sponsors they have the gifts of education, clean clothes, soap and they have food to eat every day. These girls have been given a big opportunity and they understand how important that is and are extremely grateful.

Each of these girls has benefitted from the following initiatives; Child Sponsorship, The Feeding Programme, Emma’s Rainbow Library, The Period Poverty Project, and learning skills like animal care, growing crops, sewing and knitting. There are so many ways that the children in Malawi are being supported by the generosity of people they have never met. They know people care about them. They know that they are loved. They know they are important. They know they’ve been given a chance. They know they can succeed.

In the local primary school, in their final year, there is a class full of children supported by The Foundation. Children who don’t eat every day, children who are malnourished, children who don’t have soap to wash themselves or their clothes or a warm blanket to wrap themselves in at night. Each of these children is looking for a sponsor so they can take their place at secondary school next year providing they pass their exams. Education is the key to these children’s futures. We need more sponsors. We need people to share posts. We need people to join our team and take a chance on one of these children. It might be one of the best decisions you ever make. It’s only £25 per month. Together we are #changinglives Thanks for reading. Sarah x

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