Fourth Sunday in Advent and 9 young people needing your help please

Sarah’s blog 29/12/21

The fourth advent candle is often called the Angel Candle, announcing the birth of Jesus. Also the theme is peace and joy. We wish all our supporters a peaceful and Happy Christmas and thank you for your continued help.

Linking with the Angel Candle theme, we are looking for 9 angels….people who have it in their hearts to help us change the lives of 9 young people. They have passed their primary school leavers exams, have got a place at secondary school but have no hope of a better future as they have no sponsor to pay their fees. If you are able to spare £25 per month (less than £1 per day) to change the direction of the lives of these young people, they and we would be so grateful.

You can sponsor as an individual, split the cost with a friend or family or through your business and, for that young person, it will be one of the most important things you will ever do.

Education is the key to changing the future of the community in Ibuluma where The Foundation is. Young people don’t usually go to high school. No one can afford it. People find piece work where they can. They are untrained and mostly unskilled. They have to take what work they can to try to feed their families. Traditionally, children miss school to help bring a pittance into the family home to try to buy some food or soap. People aren’t eating properly every day. Most suffer from malnutrition. This can change. With your help. Education and skills can change this community….with your kindness and support. The community wants to be self-sufficient. Things have just got so bad that they need a helping hand. We are the fortunate ones. We can be that helping hand.

The young people needing a sponsor to change their lives are; Steria Msachi, Margaret Ng’ambi, Lawrence Mwale, Lameck Ng’ambi, Richman Nyondo, Benjamin Sibale, Brian Sichamba, Elisha Sichamba, Stanley Sinkhala. Do you have it in your heart to help change the lives of one of these young people? thanks for reading, Sarah x

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