Looking for 8 kind people

Sarah’s blog 20/12/21

Yesterday, I put a shout out for sponsors for 9 young people so they could continue their education. Imagine not having the money to send your children or grandchildren to secondary school or to afford their uniform? Despite the fact they have passed their exams, their education is over because of poverty. How are they ever supposed to escape the dire poverty they live in without education?

Thankfully, I’ve managed to match one young person with a sponsor who made contact today….so that leaves 8 to find. I believe that we can do this. Together we can be the team these children and young people need. Their situation is so bad that the villagers don’t eat every day, we need to change that. By being their helping hand we can make changes. The villagers want to be self-sufficient. We believe that they will be but they need us, who are able, to help them.

So what qualities does a sponsor have? You don’t have to be mega rich….although we would be very pleased if you know people like that who can help us. All you need to have is empathy, kindness and compassion. You can be as involved or not as you wish…some sponsors are very invested in the children they sponsor, others are content to hear how they are getting on and give their sponsor money every month. We need YOU to help us please. If you are already a sponsor, can you spread the word at your work, or amongst your friends and family? Or if you would like to sponsor but can’t commit to £25 per month, could you find a friend to split the cost with so you are each only paying £12.50 a month? Can you share our posts? 8 young people need our help….that isn’t a lot but when you are desperate for someone to take a chance on you it seems impossible.

So can you take a chance on one of our young people please? Can you give the gift of education for £12.50 or £25 per month and change a child’s life and improve the future of a whole village? We would love you to be part of the team that supports these children. Please find a small place in your heart for one of them. contact_us@changinglivesmalawi.com the new school term starts in January. This could be the best gift you ever give. Thanks for reading, Sarah x

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