Naomi needs your help to get back to school

Sarah’s blog 23/1/22

This morning Levison had Gogo Nyamsukwa who is in her 90s visit the Foundation. She was upset and asking for help for her granddaughter who had just been asked to leave secondary school as her fees had not been paid.

Naomi Nyondo is 16 and has finished her first two years of secondary school and passed her second year exams. Unfortunately, the extended family can no longer afford to pay Naomi’s fees. She had no choice when asked to leave school but to walk over 10km back home. This journey in itself is dangerous for a young girl by herself.

From my facebook post this morning, a lady who sponsors another child offered to pay Naomi’s first month’s fees so she could return to school whilst we look for a sponsor to support Naomi for two years until she finishes secondary school. Levison visited her and her gogo (grandma) this afternoon and Naomi cried tears of joy and was comforted by her grandmother….then you can see the huge smile as she realised her dream of a proper education isn’t over. Levison has told her to go back to school tomorrow and he will take her a proper blanket and supplies like the other sponsored children have in a few days. He will also phone the school tomorrow and get the fees paid.

So can you please be Naomi’s sponsor? It’s only £25 per month and she’s got two years to go to finish secondary school. Please get in touch if you can help contact_us@sjk1898hotmailcom

Levison will also keep an eye on this little family as there are younger siblings and they too may need sponsored so there is some food going into that home. Thanks for reading, Sarah x

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