Angela – can you be her sponsor?

Sarah’s blog 11/2/22

This is just a short story about Angela. She is in 3rd year at Chisenga District Secondary School. Unfortunately, she cannot afford to pay her fees this year. She has been given one more week to find the money and then she will be asked to leave. Angela needs a sponsor for the next two years so she can complete her secondary school education. She needs to be able to concentrate on her studies and not constantly worry about whether she is going to be asked to leave due to lack of finances.

Thankfully, since my last post, a sponsor of another child gave £25 towards Angela’s fees to buy some time until we find a permanent sponsor. Can you help Angela please? It’s £25 per month for a young person to board at school & for the supplies they need. You can sponsor her as an individual or a family or split the monthly fee with a friend. It might be the most important thing anyone has ever done for Angela.

If you can help Angela stay in school and complete years 3 and 4 then please get in touch. thanks for reading, Sarah x

Angela, 16, desperately needs a sponsor

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