Laston Mbambala asking for a school

Sarah’s blog 12/4/22

Laston, when we first met him, was not attending school. He lives with his grandmother and was working for a farmer every day for approximately £1.50 per month. He was wearing rags which, he told Levison, were his only clothes. He was matched with a kind sponsor, given new clothes and a monthly food parcel and started attending school again.

Laston passed his primary school leavers exams. Laston has a sponsor to pay his secondary school fees. Laston DID NOT get picked for a place at secondary school as there are not enough places in schools for the number of children.

So, despite working hard and having passed his exams, Laston and another 10 sponsored young people have had to resit their last year at primary school. We’ve bought text books and Levison is tutoring them each week so they, hopefully, get higher grades next time and get picked for a place at secondary school.

Laston and his friends want a school in the village. Then all the children who pass their primary school exams can go to secondary school. Laston wouldn’t have to leave his elderly grandmother if there was a secondary school built in the village as she relies on him to help with chores.

Can you help us raise money for a school for the orphans and other vulnerable children? They know that education is the way out of poverty and they are determined to work hard. Let’s help them. for our bank details or with your ideas or you can text SCHOOL to 70560 to donate. Laston has benefitted so much from having a sponsor as you will see from his photos. There are more children waiting for this opportunity. Together we can continue Changing Lives Malawi. Thanks for reading, Sarah x

Laston is saying that he’d like a new school as there are not enough places for children leaving primary and he’s had to repeat a year despite having passed his exams

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