Timothy & Margaret asking for a school

Sarah’s blog 14/4/22

Already 11 children who passed their primary leavers exams and who have sponsors to pay their secondary school fees have had to resit their last year at primary as they did not get selected for secondary school. This is just wrong. They have worked so hard and have endured so many difficulties and losses in their lives already.

Why shouldn’t they go to secondary school if they pass their exams? So 11 children are back in p8 trying to work even harder so they get better results this year. What if they don’t get picked this year? Do they go back for a third time to repeat p8? Will there be even more children who don’t get picked this time as lack of places is causing a bottleneck? It’s soul destroying for them. It’s another thing for them to worry about. They all know that education is the way out of the extreme poverty they live in.

All children deserve an education wherever they are in the world. We have bought text books for the library and Levison the co-founder (a trained teacher) is tutoring them each week to give them the best chance of better grades….but will they get in to secondary school next year? Is there any point in all their hard work? Without a secondary school certificate there are no chances at better jobs, of college courses, of more money for their families.

Can you help us? Can you help these children? contact_us@changinglivesmalawi.com for bank details or to help with fundraising. Text SCHOOL to 70560 to donate to our school fundraiser.

Here are Timothy Kaonga and Margaret Sibale asking you to help build a school for them and their friends. A school for all to attend. Thanks for reading, Sarah x

Timothy wants your help to build a school for himself and his friends
Please help Margaret and her friends continue their education

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