Lucia and her family

Sarah’s blog 26/4/22

Lucia has been matched with a sponsor. We had a photo of her and her brother Rodrick when they were in rags before being gifted new clothes. We knew there were other siblings but didn’t know how many or their ages.

Levison went to visit to give them the good news that Lucia now has a sponsor. He discovered that mum is on her own with six children and is struggling. How can she manage to feed six children on her own? They are all suffering from malnutrition and life is very, very hard.

I told Levison that I would try my best to get another two or three of Lucia’s siblings matched with sponsors to make their lives just that little bit easier. So if you can find a place in your heart for one of Lucia’s siblings can you please get in touch. It’s only £25 per month to sponsor a child and you can sponsor as an individual, a family or split the cost with a friend. You can even sponsor a child through a club or group. It might be the most important gift that one of these children ever receives. Can you join ‘Team Mlenga’? We need you to help us keep Changing Lives Malawi. Thanks for reading, Sarah x

Mum (blue arrow) with her 6 children. As you can see their home is very basic and the roof will leak in the heavy rains. Can you be part of ‘Team Mlenga’ to help make life just a little bit easier for them and give these children a chance?

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