The kids kilometers – 320kms

Sarah’s blog 3/7/22

As you know, we are raising funds to build a much needed school so that some of the most vulnerable children in rural Northern Malawi will be able to access education. This is their way out of the extreme poverty they are living in and a chance of a brighter future for themselves and their families. The school is being called ‘Bright Futures Secondary School’. Originally, one classroom was going to be named ‘Bright Futures’ by the Bright Family in memory of a very special lady who had recently passed away and who had knitted lots and lots of hats for the children. However, Levison and his trustees liked this name so much and thought it so appropriate that they have adopted it as the name for the new school.

This school is being built on a shoestring, one year group at a time. We need to raise money and the roof will be the most expensive thing, but there’s many more things apart from that to pay for including labour and cement.

We decided, as it is a community school, that we would ask our global community if you could help us and follow the route of the boxes that leave here and travel on the container to Malawi. That journey is over 13,000km and we want you to log the kilometres you complete by cycling, walking the dog, running or anything else. If you could ask people to sponsor you too then we will raise money for the school. The more people that take part, the quicker we will cover these miles. The more people that take part, the more money we will raise as each person can ask different people to sponsor them.

So today, because it’s a community school for the children, they have helped us out by covering some kilometres. I hope you enjoy the photos and videos and will consider sponsoring them. It’s a great effort they have put in to bring down the total kilometres in this challenge, they’ve worked hard and had fun. It would be fantastic for them if people could sponsor them and they found out how much money they’ve raised by their efforts today. Here is the link to sponsor them

80 children and young people chose to be part of this challenge today. They each ran 4km. Their total kilometres covered today was 320km!! An excellent result. It would be brilliant for them if they knew their efforts had raised £320….can you sponsor them please? Let them know that you are part of the community that supports them

To join in with the challenge and for all the info you need click on this link thanks for reading and supporting the children, Sarah x

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