The kids are covering kilometres too!

Sarah’s blog 1/7/22

As the school we are fundraising for is a community school, some of the children who are supported by The Foundation will also be walking or running a kilometre to add to our total. I’m hoping to bring you photos and videos tomorrow or Sunday of the children taking part in our challenge. Hopefully, a few people might sponsor them? It would be really good if they knew they were helping to make the school a reality by getting involved in the fundraising.

I’m going on my exercise bike soon and will log my kilometres….I’m just aiming for 5km today but will do more next time. Have you decided to join us on our virtual journey…what are you going to do? Or are you going to sponsor someone instead? Thanks for reading, Sarah x

here is the link to donate

here is the link to read all about the challenge and how to get involved. We need you on our team. Balfron to Bright Futures Secondary School – 13,144KM (

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