A visit from an author

Sarah’s blog 11/7/22

There was great excitement yesterday. As well as each child receiving three pairs of pants courtesy of Smalls for All charity, an author came to visit.

Ndongolera Mwangupili is a Malawian author of a book called ‘Sons of The Hills’ and also works in education. The children, as you can see from the photos, were delighted to have a visitor. Ndongolera spent time talking with them and presented them with a copy of his book for the library. Ndongolera was impressed with the library and the selection of books that the children have access to.

It’s really important that there are books by Malawian authors in the library and the fact that the author came to visit them was even better. They have a role model. They too can be authors if they want to be. They can be anything they want to be. Thank you Ndongolera for spending time with the children and visting The Foundation. Thank you to everyone who donates books and money to cover the cost of sending each box on the container, Sarah x

Thank you for donating a copy of your book to the library

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