Torrance Parish Church Stitch & Enrich group

Sarah’s blog 27/7/22

I wanted to say ‘thank you’ and I am amazed at the generosity of people who have taken our charity and the work we are doing, supporting the vulnerable children in rural Northern Malawi, to their hearts.

I received this message earlier from one of our charity’s friends:

“Coming your way from the Torrance Parish Church Stitch and Enrich group: 52 hats, 6 baby cardigans/sweaters, 16 teddies, 5 baby blankets, 6 scarves and 2 drawstring bags”

Members of Torrance Parish Church have also provided some secondary school uniform and we are very grateful for their kindness.

These gorgeous teddies will be able to go to some of the younger nursery children who will be delighted to have a teddy of their own to cuddle.

The baby blankets, cardigans & hats will be gifted to new mums at the local health centre for their babies.

Scarves & hats will help keep children warm during the colder evenings, especially those who do not have adequate blankets.

The drawstring bags will be given to teenage girls to keep their reusable sanitary towels and spare pants in, giving them some privacy and dignity.

Many thanks again to everyone who helps us. It’s lovely to know that this group of talented people have been meeting to chat and make gifts for the children. They are all so lovely, Sarah x

Thank you to everyone who has donated their time and talents for the children we help to support.

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