New Mother and Baby Project


There is a health centre not far from The William Stewart Foundation Resource Centre. We have found a way to work with the medical staff to support new borns and their mums.

We are very fortunate to have lots of great knitters making baby hats, gloves and jackets and also beautiful blankets. There has also been a good amount of baby clothes given to us. If the new mums know that they can go to the health centre and be given clothes for their new born, this then enables the health visitor to see baby and have a chat with the mum. If they know they can return after 6 weeks and be gifted more clothes for their growing baby, the health visitor gets a second chance to see mother and child. Two chances to check and advise that wouldn’t usually happen. For babies born into extreme poverty, into families who have nothing, it will be interesting to see how big an impact this little project has.

Unfortunately, due to risk of COVID 19, this project has been put on hold as the medical staff didn’t want people coming for baby clothes from other areas. As people have so little, they would walk miles for some nice clothes and a blanket for their babies. So, when it’s safe to do so, these lovely donations will be gifted in a safe way and we will bring you lots of baby photos.

Every box of knitting that goes on the container costs us £15 to send. If you would like to support this project either by knitting, donating wool or with a financial donation, please get in touch by clicking here

September 2021 Levison was able to visit the maternity ward of the local health centre with gifts for the babies who had recently been born. The mothers’ cried tears of joy that their babies would have new clothes and warm blankets. Levison returned in October, after the container had brought more baby blankets and clothes, and delivered three big bags to the health centre. They will be able to gift these to the new mums who come to the maternity ward to have their babies.

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Beautiful knitted baby clothes which will be given to the health centre to distribute
A donation of cosy baby blankets
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