Preloved School Uniform


“I’d like to make a difference to one child’s life. Hopefully, more people will want to get involved to help others” 

Child Sponsor, Changing Lives Malawi

We have been very fortunate to have had support from several local primary schools with donations of preloved and outgrown school uniform. As the children in Ibuluma have no new clothes, being given new sets of clothes is very exciting. It improves self-esteem, no longer being in rags, and also the sweatshirts keep them warm on cold nights. It is a great way to raise awareness of our projects here and children in the UK are delighted to be able to see uniform from their schools being worn by children in Malawi.

As there are approximately 800 vulnerable children being supported, we always need children’s clothes, shoes and uniform as long as it is in very good condition. We especially need clothes for teenagers as we don’t get as many donations for them. Please note… for cultural reasons girls only wear skirts and dresses NOT leggings and trousers.

There is great excitement amongst the children on the day new clothes are given out from the boxes we send.

We would love to be able to supply enough clothes, for all ages, that there can be a stock at the resource centre. Then, when people in need come to ask for help, Levison will have clean clothes to be able to give to those in need.

Each box costs £15 to send on the container, so if you are able to donate preloved uniform, clothes or shoes, we would be extremely grateful if you could make a donation to help with the cost of sending them.

just some of the school uniform that has been donated for the children in Malawi
Chawanangwa had to borrow his sister’s clothes (as his were just rags) to attend The Foundation on a day they were distributing clothes. Thankfully, he was given a full set of clothes and shoes. These preloved clothes and shoes were part of our appeal for school uniforms/clothes and shoes from local primary schools. Chawanangwa’s new clothes were from a pupil at Riverside Primary School in Stirling.
We have had very generous donations of school uniform. These keep the children warm (as it does get cold at night) and helps their self-confidence & self-esteem as they look smart in their new clothes. They also know people care about them.
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