What does a sponsored child receive?


when you read about the desperate poverty in some developing countries, it’s so difficult to know how to help. But sponsoring a child is an amazing way to feel like you can really make a difference” 

Child Sponsor, Changing Lives Malawi

The weekly feeding programme feeds approx 600 children one substantial meal every weekend. It was initially set up for 200 orphans & vulnerable children but, as there are no big charities feeding children in schools in the far north, children started walking from upto 20km away for their one proper meal of the week. The children have soya beans, vegetables, tomato relish & nsima (maize).

The families in the village want to be self-sufficient, but the situation was so dire that they need a helping hand. Therefore, the care parcel the sponsored children receive each month is a top up not a replacement. 

Each sponsored child receives 20kg maize every month. This would last a child approximately one meal a day for one month. They also receive cooking oil and soap. They sometimes receive vegetables too. They receive a blanket and clothes. Also, as schools don’t provide equipment, the Foundation gives out exercise books and pencils too. 

Maize costs around £8 but varies greatly in price during the year. Cooking oil approx £7. Soap £1 and children get £2 pocket money. They also get regular visits and also a visit if they are ill. 

What does a sponsored child receive?  Here is a brief summary of what they get but the children benefit in far more ways than these as The William Stewart Foundation takes an holistic approach to the well-being of the most vulnerable children. Please consider being a sponsor for less than 85p per day to give a malnourished child hope for a better future.

Teachers are noticing that children are attending school more regularly as they don’t have to try to find work for 10 pence for a whole long day without food or clean water. Children are better able to concentrate and have more confidence as they have new clothes instead of the rags they had before. 

The children are taking part in sports at the Foundation and learning skills for life like animal husbandry, farming, sewing, knitting etc. As the Foundation grows, the aim is to give chicks to sponsored children and their families to rear… giving them a source of income. There are many other projects planned for the benefit of the whole community.

Sponsored children at secondary school… their whole monthly amount goes on school fees and the things they need for school and uniforms but they still benefit over and above this so there is a great deal of fundraising and organising going on behind the scenes to help these children have more opportunities and achieve better outcomes and have a better future. We can’t do this by ourselves. We need you to give a child a chance. Thank you.


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