School Literacy Project

You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending” 

C. S Lewis, Author

After successfully raising funds for ‘Emma’s Rainbow Library’ at The William Stewart Foundation, we have been having an ongoing appeal for children’s books for all ages for our library. However, as local schools do not have the resources they need, we have recognised that they too require books.

Class sizes are between 50 and 80 children. How are these children supposed to learn to read without books and other resources? Education is key to improving children’s futures so we are putting boxes of donated books in classrooms to raise reading levels. Children can take a book home to read and share with their family. We want books to become an everyday resource and an enjoyable activity. When we eventually hold adult literacy classes, we hope that having had books at home to share, adults may be more willing to take part.

Also, how can the children learn to write properly without all the practice that our children get? We are also going to put laminated worksheets and wipe clean pens into classrooms to help the children practice forming letters and numbers.

Athough we don’t need to buy books, thanks to the many generous donations, it costs £15 per box of books to send on the container. Also, we put stickers inside each book and will have the cost of laminating sheets and white board pens. If you would like to contribute to the costs of this project then please click here.

We have also sought to interact and understand the challenges the educators and teachers in Malawi face. Click on the link to download an example of this type of communication.

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