New School Bags at Bright Futures Secondary School

Sarah’s blog 16/12/22

I always loved going to the shop to choose a new pencil case and pens & pencils for going back to school. I don’t ever remember getting as excited over a new school bag as these students!

I love seeing the joy in their faces. They have been given a gift that they’ve never had before. Things we take for granted are so precious to them. These photos that Levison sent from this afternoon are amazing and I hope they make you smile like they have made me smile.

Seeing these vulnerable children happy and achieving and having choices they previously wouldn’t have had is what makes the hard work worthwhile.

We do need your help to continue supporting these students and the next group of students each year. With your help we can change lives. With your help we can make a difference. With your help they can have brighter futures. if you are able to donate to our school fundraiser for the next two classrooms, or email me if you can help with a one off or a monthly donation to help provide free school meals thanks for reading, Sarah x

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