From the rooftops

Sarah’s blog 19/12/22

After the excitement of the weekend hearing that Bright Futures Secondary School had passed the school inspection and is now registered, I just wanted to share with you this short video that Levison took at the weekend. It is from the roof of the staff accommodation block. It gives a great view of the local area surrounding The Foundation and also how many buildings there are and how The Foundation is growing.

The electrician was attaching the solar panels we sent to the roof. The solar panels, initially, are for the incubator to hatch chicken eggs. As the electricity has been so sporadic and off for long periods of time, it’s not been possible to use it. When we can afford to, more wiring will be done so that the house and classrooms can have electric lights and sockets all being solar powered. This will be approximately £500 so it is on the long list of things to do!

We still have a few calendars left at £10 each with all money going to the school project. We have alternative gift cards, as well as cards and paintings and the link to the fundraising information is here Christmas Fundraising & news update – Changing Lives Malawi

If you would like to contribute to phase 2 of Bright Futures Secondary School then please email me or donate to our fundraiser

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy the video, Sarah x

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