Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh – Rugby Kit Donation

Sarah’s blog 20/12/22

During the summer, my husband, Stuart, went to Merchiston Castle School in Edinburgh to collect a very generous donation of rugby balls, boots and rugby kit. It has now arrived in Malawi to be used by these vulnerable teenagers at Bright Futures Secondary School. Rugby was only recently introduced in the north of Malawi and the young people picked up the skills they were taught really quickly. They are becoming far more confident and, as you can see from the photos, they are enjoying posing for photos. Merchiston Castle School – Rugby Donation – Changing Lives Malawi

There will be another rugby coaching visit in a few months time when the rain season finishes. When Jack Mphande, the development coach, returns he is planning a two week visit and to introduce touch rugby into all the primary schools local to the foundation. In the New Year, will be looking for people to help with supporting this event financially.

I’m putting the links to the first rugby visit as some of you may not remember it plus there’s all the brilliant photos to look at. Rugby day 1 – “It amazed me because it was like they have been playing the game for sometime” – Jack Mphande – Changing Lives Malawi

Rugby Day 2 – “I am very convinced with their performance…if I come again they will perfect their play” – Jack Mphande – Changing Lives Malawi

I’ll also share the links from my recent blogs on the new school – Bright Futures Secondary School (phase 1). We are now fundraising for classrooms 3 & 4 (phase 2) The cost is approximately £10,000 per classroom. If anyone is able to help us we will be very grateful

Bright Futures Secondary School – desks, chairs, uniform & exams – Changing Lives Malawi

Bright Futures Secondary School – Science – Changing Lives Malawi

Thank you to all who have donated rugby kit and to Bruce, Housemaster at Merchiston Castle School thank you for making all this possible. We are very grateful. Hope you enjoy the photos and reading about how these vulnerable teenagers in rural northern Malawi now have a brighter future. Please email me if you would like to know more or would like to help thanks, Sarah x

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