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Sarah’s blog 29/12/22

We have been extremely fortunate to have had great support in being able to complete phase 1 of Bright Futures Secondary School. Now we are asking for help to fundraise for building classrooms 3 and 4 (phase 2) to ensure the education of the most vulnerable teenagers can continue as they progress through the school. Each classroom costs approximately £10,000 to build. We are reaching out to individuals, clubs, schools, businesses to help us help the students at Bright Futures Secondary School.

For those who don’t know, we had to build a secondary school as the nearest secondary school required the children we help to support to board at school as it was too far to walk. This added to the cost of school and the school had increased it’s prices again this year. There are not enough secondary school places and secondary school needs to be paid for making it prohibitive for the vast majority of the very vulnerable children we help to support.

Children can only go to secondary school if they pass their primary school leavers exams and are picked for a place at secondary school. So we had a situation where sponsored children, despite having someone to pay their secondary school fees and having passed their primary school leavers exams, were not picked for a place at secondary school. This was heart breaking for them. Education is their way out of poverty. Education is a way to a brighter future. So we knew we had to fundraise to build a school.

None of the children at Bright Futures Secondary School pay fees as they are all orphans or extremely vulnerable and none can afford fees. In the future, it may be that places can be offered to a small number of fee paying students but currently the focus on the most vulnerable who need our help to ensure they have a way out of poverty. The end goal is always that this community will be self-sufficient and no longer need a helping hand. These are very capable proud people.

So can you partner with us? Could you donate some money in memory of a loved one? Will you take on a sponsored challenge for us in 2023? Host an event with your friends or at your school? Do you have a load of coins that you could donate to support the education of these vulnerable teenagers? Please get in touch if you can help. Donations of £500 or over ensure your name, your company’s name, or that of a loved one, can be written over a classroom door or on a building. All of us are volunteers, there are no salaries or admin costs for our charity…all money donated goes to the projects we support. Can your company sponsor a building? You’d get lots of social media coverage and you would be making a huge difference.

Or could you make a monthly donation to support a student or support free school meals? If enough people commit to £5 or £10 per month then this will be a huge help in providing a substantial, nutritious meal at Bright Futures Secondary School each day….perhaps their only meal each day. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for reading and supporting, Sarah x

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