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Thank you to Fakenham Town FC for the kit they donated via Julian and his ‘Wear a Sports Shirt Day’ Charity. Julian you do amazing work.

Sarah’s blog 2/8/23

Further to my post yesterday about the generous donation of football kit via Julian from Wear a Sports Day Charity, here is a news article about football kits from Fakenham Town FC. Julian travels all over England every weekend collecting football kits that can be repurposed and sent to teenagers in Africa that don’t have football kits. Receiving new football tops and shorts makes such a difference to morale and the young people know that people they’ve never met are thinking about them.

Fakenham Town FC have previously donated kit to us via Julian for which we are very grateful. I’m delighted to see this article (which has some photos of the children we support wearing Fakenham Town kit) giving Julian some recognition for the work he does week in and week out, quietly making a difference. Thank you again Fakenham Town FC for the kits you gifted to us and thank you Julian for all your hard work and the help that you give to so many organisations supporting young people.

Enjoy the article and the photos, Sarah x

Thank you to Wear A Sports Shirt Day Charity

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