Thank you to Wear A Sports Shirt Day Charity

Thank you so much to all the people who have donated via Wear a Sports Shirt Day

Sarah’s blog 1/8/23

Julian of ‘Wear A Sports Shirt Day’ spends every weekend travelling round England to collect preloved sports wear from football clubs and other sports clubs. He donates these to charities like ours that will benefit young people who don’t have matching football strips. Julian also collects items like toys and bikes that he gifts to people in need in the UK.

He has been supporting us regularly by sending a couple of boxes out on each container for Levison to give the orphans when they are playing team sports. Julian also supports other organisations in Malawi, as well as other countries, so his hard work and dedication is making a big impact to a huge amount of people. So thank you so much Julian for everything you do.

Also there are a few clubs to thank; Borden Village FC, Poole Borough FC, and Swale Ladies FC. We are very grateful that you donated your preloved kit.

Also thank you very much to Neale Gorman for the polo shirts from Monks Orchard Primary School.

One thing they are short of is footballs….so if anyone has any footballs to donate we would be really pleased to hear from you

Apologies that this has been a bit of a mixture of photos….I will post each club/organisation individually too…. we are just delighted to have the support of so many people. Hope you enjoy the photos of lots of smiling happy faces wearing their new kit. Thanks again, Sarah x

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